Selection Process

In order to ensure all candidates are closely matched as possible to clients’ requirements:

we undertake the following procedures :

Gain full understanding of the clients’ technical requirements, project aims and business objectives via face-to-face discussions and by working from detailed job specifications. Rigorous analysts of the target vacancy to build up an objective picture of the ideal recruit.

Value added guidance to client throughout the recruitment process, including advice on salary and benefits package.

Carefully crafted advertisements and/or subtle, focused search to assess experience. In many cases, our knowledge of the market place is such that the candidates will be known to us a and can be contacted immediately, even before a computerized search has been performed. In cases where we have not been able to identify suitable candidates, we will post the position on our website, with Internet advertisers and targeted trade press.

Telephonic interview with suitable candidates to assess availability, interest, salary expectations etc. Candidates interested in the position will then be fully briefed about the role, technical requirements, project objectives, culture of the organizations and personalities involved. Written tests ( wherever necessary) and interviews with short - listed candidates to prepare a panel for the client to conduct the interview and make the final selection.

Accurate, pragmatic assessment of candidates against the target vacancy, through a mix of best practice techniques. Detailed analysis of candidate’s track record, which will include reference checking to establish their suitability and professionalism. Presentation of short-listed candidates’ Cv’s and reference will be given to the client.

In case th client fives the responsibility of the final selection to us, we conduct formal interviews of the candidates by HR executive and experts from the respective field/domain. For senior level positions, selection process involves several round of discussion and interviews to select the best candidates for our clients.

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